Peter Round


Royal Aeronautical Society

Peter Round is the Royal Aeronautical Society’s President and an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees.  He had a 33-year career in the RAF as a fast jet pilot and flying instructor.  During his military career he served in the USA (twice) and Brussels, he majored in International Defence Relations and capability development.  After his military career he was the Capability Director in the European Defence Agency where he was responsible for more than 100 Capability and R&T programs including the EU ‘Flagship 4’; RPAS, Cyber Defence, Air-to-Air Refuelling and GovSatCom.  He oversaw the relationship with OCCAR and defence industries for capability issues across the whole defence domain.  Today he is the Chairman of Kleos Space a ‘New Space’ company based in Luxembourg, UK and the USA. Kleos has its own constellation of Satellites and delivers RF derived Geospatial Intelligence from space.  He is a Consulting Senior Fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and runs his own consultancy.  He lives with his family in North Yorkshire, UK.



05 December 2022 | 09:45 | THE NEW GEOPOLITICS OF SPACE

  • How can we strengthen international law for the use of space?​
  • Is the work of UNOOSA and COPOUS being undermined by the return of the space race?​
  • As strategic capabilities become economic opportunities how do we balance fair use with the protection of economically and strategically vital space assets?

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