Gathering leaders spearheading space policy


A platform for raising global space challenges to Heads of State and Government at the highest level of influence

A catalyst for the development of public and private space programmes


A resolution forum for the cooperative use of space


Fostering tangible progress in international cooperation, standards, and policy development within the space sector

Highlighting the importance of space as a technology sector is paramount for future sustainable development

Key Themes

Space Sustainability

Incorporates responsible and long-term management of activities and resources in outer space to ensure the continued use and exploration of space for current and future generations. It encompasses various aspects such as debris mitigation, space traffic management, sustainable use of space resources, and international cooperation.


Space Security

Paramount to safeguarding Space activities, critical assets, and infrastructure, while also addressing disarmament and military dimensions. Securing the benefits of space exploration for future generations necessitates international collaboration, responsible conduct, and technological advancements. By incorporating disarmament measures and addressing military concerns, we can effectively promote the peaceful and secure use of outer space.

Space Accessibility

Essential for advancing scientific discovery, technological innovation, and economic development in space exploration. By addressing barriers to access and promoting collaboration and inclusivity, we can ensure that space remains accessible to all who seek to explore its wonders and potential. It encompasses both physical access to space and the availability of resources, technology, and opportunities for engagement.

What to expect

  • The debate will provide a platform for inter-governmental dialogues.
  • Will facilitate on the record and off the record meetings between governments.
  • Beyond Space discussion on most pressing global matters, geo-economics and geo-politics agenda.


  • Heads of State
  • Ministers of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministers of Defence
  •  Ministers of Science and Technology
  • Space Commands
  • Science and Technology Advisors to Head of State
  • Head of Space Agencies
  • Key Industry Players