Advanced Technology Research Council

Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) is the overarching advanced technology research body in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The Council was established to shape research and development for transformative technology outcomes. ATRC is responsible for consolidating funds for efficient investment and driving policy and regulation for agile decision-making.  
The Council’s applied research pillar, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), focuses on applied research and new-age technology capabilities, with dedicated research centers in Quantum, Autonomous Robotics, Cryptography, Advanced Materials, Digital Security, Directed Energy and Secure Systems. By working with exceptional talent, universities, research institutions and industry partners from all over the world, TII connects an intellectual community in Abu Dhabi and the UAE while also contributing to the development of the knowledge-based economy. 
ASPIRE, the Council’s dedicated technology program management pillar drives the creation of future transformative technologies by framing use-inspired research statements that solve tomorrow’s challenges. It sets grand challenges and international competitions that bring together the best of advanced technology ideation. By overseeing R&D projects under ATRC, ASPIRE ensures there is a clear innovation path from ‘lab to market’ for its clients and affiliates. 
By guiding breakthrough technologies, ATRC is establishing Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE as a desired home for advanced technology talent and a global hub for innovation.    
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